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And to those who do not know the Hon. Cedric Davis Sr., he is one of the most accessible, influential, and dynamic young political leaders you will ever meet. He has pledged to restore trust in the Office of County Commissioner for District 3. Cedric is known in Washington, Austin, and Dallas County for working with all people from different political or social viewpoints so that the final product supports and benefits the people he was elected to serve. He will change how “We the People” now view our elected officials.

Cedric is a proud father of five, he is a Desert Storm Vet., he is an alumnus of Sam Houston State University (B. Sc. CRIJ), he holds a Master Peace Officer license, and has served the public in a public safety role for more than 25 years. Cedric currently teaches pre-law and criminal justice to the students of Garland ISD.

Since age 11, the Hon. Cedric Davis Sr. has been volunteering and working in our communities as either a campaign worker, civic activist, soldier, policeman, teacher, civic leader or Mayor. He was elected as the first African American Mayor of Balch Springs, Texas. As mayor, Cedric made a key point to work with federal, state, and other local leaders to find common ground on issues of diversity, job creation and economic growth of small businesses, support of Minority and Women Business Enterprises. Cedric garnered support for major street and transportation projects within Balch Springs and its surrounding southern and southeastern corridors of Dallas County; all while maintain good stewardship of the taxpayer dollars. His actions helped spur phenomenal economic growth and created new job opportunities. As an elected or non-elected official, Cedric has work with both Democrat and Republican officials to create safer schools and communities, economic growth and job opportunities, and improved infrastructures that impacted the quality of life opportunities for all he has served.

As our new Commissioner, we can be assured Cedric will bring a solid ethical and transparent way of conducting the people’s business to the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court. Cedric efforts to become our next commissioner of district 3 isn’t about forcing his views and values upon others, the clothes of others and how they may wear them, or conducting one sided politics as usual. Cedric know it’s about the Commissioner Office being accountable, putting community above self, and being equal and just towards everyone he serves.

“The cat is out of the bag”, Cedric is the real voice of community concerns and calls for action, he believes in an open door policy and has a record of transparency. Cedric has gotten real quality of life issues done for those areas he has served. Cedric’s public record stand for its self, he is truly the next generation public leader that’s needed to help build Dallas County into a desired destination to work, live, and play.


The Honorable Cedric W. Davis Sr.

I am a Survivor

"I am a Survivor"
- Hon. Cedric Davis

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